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Some Local Pictures - A View From Mount Baldy

   Overlooking Saugatuck from the heights of Mt. Baldy.
       A view overlooking Saugatuck from Mt. Baldy, around Thanksgiving '99.

This is a view Southeast from Mt. Baldy. Behind the camera, maybe a quarter mile, is Lake Michigan. Directly below is about half of Saugatuck's water front. Straight ahead is the Kewatin, bow to the shore. Off the stern is the Red Dock bar, a place my wife and I like to go occasionally in the summer. It's outdoors and right at the end of the dock presenting a fabulous view of the harbor and all the boats without having to wrestle our ancient mahogany Trojan in and out of Kalamazoo lake.

My house in Douglas is directly beyond the Kewatin about two blocks, near the water beyond the bridge and a little south. The bridge is Blue Star Highway crossing between Saugatuck and Douglas. Just barely visible through the trees in the foreground, across Kalamazoo lake, is the I-196 Interstate bridge. I'm now living about a mile and a half directly south of this vantage point.

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