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Some Local Pictures - A View North Up The Shoreline

   A view north up the shoreline of Lake Michigan from the old channel.
       A view north up Lake Michigan's shoreline, around Thanksgiving '99.

Looking north towards the Holland Channel. The Kalamazoo River mouth is at the breakwater. Redirected in 1905, it now forms the channel to Saugatuck & Douglas. The old channel pilings are just out of the picture to the left. The breakwater is about 1/2 mile away and extends into the lake around 1/4 mile, probably a little less.

If you look carefully you can see the Holland lighthouse, Big Red, in the distance, to the right of the white thing which is the beacon at the end of Holland's breakwater. Beyond that, about 17 miles away, the plume from Consumer's Power's Cambell plant. You can follow the shore up past Grand Haven, about 35 miles north. Don't miss the freighter on the horizon. It's pretty late for a boat to be out.

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